Pediatric Incontinence Program

Since 2013, Beyond Boundaries Therapy has utilized a unique approach, providing a coordinated evaluation and treatment with an occupational therapist and physical therapist, both specially trained in pediatric incontinence.

Based on parent feedback and statistical outcomes, we have found this approach to be extremely successful, making a significant difference for the children and families we serve.

Do you know children who...

  • Wet the bed?
  • Struggle with constipation?
  • Have daytime leaks?
  • Have frequent bladder infections?
  • Have decreased self-esteem due to leaks?

Occupational Therapy

Specializes in providing education and strategies to help children:

  • Increase body awareness
  • Improve a positive sense of self
  • Understand sensory processing of the digestive and urinary process
  • Learn about fiber and bladder irritants
  • Regulate emotions related to bathroom routines/toileting.
  • Learn independence in hygiene and ADL’s
  • Integrate reflex patterns and relaxation strategies

Physical Therapy

Specializes in providing education and strategies to help children:

  • Learn exercises to coordinate and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles
  • Recognize sense of urge
  • Understand and visualize pelvic floor function through SEMG and Biofeedback
  • Learn constipation management through soft tissue mobilization,
  • Stretching and strengthening of core and surrounding muscles
  • Learn relaxation/breathing techniques

Once the evaluation is completed, the team will determine how to best serve the client based on areas of need. The child may benefit from OT only, PT only, or a combination of OT and PT services.

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