What is PROMPT©?

PROMPT therapy is a unique philosophy and approach to assessment and treatment of speech delays or disorders. It is a tactile-kinesthetic approach to speech therapy, which means that the Speech-Language Pathologist uses cues through physical touch on the child's face (vocal folds/throat, jaw, lips, tongue) to support and shape the correct motor movement of these articulators.

It is a multidimensional approach which not only focuses on motor planning but cognitive-linguistics and social-emotional aspects of language. PROMPT facilitates oral-motor skills to produce individual sounds or as an articulation program for children or adults unable to imitate specific sounds.

Can all Speech-Language Pathologist’s do PROMPT?

No, this is a specialty area of treatment. A Speech-Language Pathologist must take coursework to become a certified PROMPT trained therapist.

Who would benefit? 

Children who have motor speech disorders, articulation problems, or are non-verbal may benefit from PROMPT.

Many clients with apraxia/dyspraxia, aphasia, dysarthria, pervasive developmental disorders, cerebral palsy, acquired brain injuries, and autism spectrum disorder have benefitted from PROMPT therapy. An evaluation by a trained Speech-Language Pathologist would determine if this approach would be appropriate.

What would therapy entail?

  • One to two thirty-minute sessions per week
  • PROMPT therapy works on words that a child regularly uses to communicate with family, friends, and others. The therapist plans sessions to target specific speech sounds or sound production patterns through engaging activities.

If your child struggles to produce sounds and words, this may be the approach that will make the difference.

For more information or to schedule an evaluation, please contact our office at (701) 356-0062 email us to schedule a screening.

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