Lactation Counseling

What is Lactation Counseling? 

Lactation counseling works with parents and baby to provide support with breastfeeding and infant feeding. As an SLP, we are specialized in feeding/swallowing which gives a strong understanding of oral cavity anatomy and function. An SLP who provides lactation support takes the expertise related to feeding/swallowing and pairs it with additional training to help support a variety of things related to breastfeeding including but not limited to: achieving an optimal latch, support for oversupply, support for low supply, education related to clogged ducts, breast pump fitting, achieving a latch on a bottle, and tongue/lip tie assessment.  

Can all Speech-Language Pathologists provide lactation support? 

No, this is a specialty area of treatment. A Speech-Language Pathologist must take additional coursework in infant feeding and breastfeeding. At Beyond Boundaries, our SLP completed coursework and testing to be a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC).  

What can I expect at my first visit? 

Our SLP/CLC will work with you in the clinic or in your home. You will share your medical history, how feeding has been going, and any concerns you have. When your baby starts showing hunger cues, you will feed your baby. During the feeding, SLP will provide feedback related to latch and positioning. If it is medically indicated, SLP will examine the baby’s mouth to assess for frenulum ties or other structural differences. Your baby will be weighed prior to feeding and after the feeding to determine how many ounces of milk transfer occurred.  


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