Frequently Asked Questions

Will my insurance cover these services?

Yes, we accept all major insurance policies that approve speech-language, occupational therapy and physical therapy services.

What if my insurance doesn’t cover services?

We provide several options if your insurance policy does not cover therapy services.

If your medical insurance does not cover, Beyond Boundaries will work with you. We will ask you to fill out a form called Advanced Beneficiary Notice of Non-Coverage. This form acknowledges you are aware that your medical insurance will not cover therapy. We will also have you fill out a financial worksheet. This worksheet will assist the office at Beyond Boundaries in determining the out of pocket cost to you.

What if my medical insurance covers a portion of the cost but the out of pocket is financially a hardship?

Your therapy is covered by your insurance but if the out-of-pocket cost is a financial hardship, you may contact Beyond Boundaries Therapy Office and request a financial hardship worksheet. Please note that your deductible must first be met to qualify, however, our financial worksheet may give you options, such as a payment plan.

What do I need to do to get started?

Contact our office at 701.356.0062

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